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"It is evident that Wojcicki understands the apprehension and misconceptions that children have in regard to attending speech class.  In this book, Wojcicki created realistic characters to whom children can relate.  The 'speech group' in the story truly mirrors those small groups of children who work together on a weekly basis in public schools.  School-aged children will be able to read this story and have a clear picture of what to expect in speech class.  I have never seen an author address the issue of speech class in a mainstream way – what a fantastic idea. I think this book is a fabulous tool for the classroom, speech room, or the home."  - Ashli McMahon, 3rd Grade Teacher, Decatur, Georgia

"Every Speech-Language Pathologist needs to have this book!  I will share it with all of my speech students and fellow professionals."  - Christine Sumimoto, Speech-Language Pathologist, Kaneohe, Hawaii

"With eye catching illustrations, speech and language impairments clearly described, and a realistic insight to speech therapy, Speech Class Rules  rocks.  Students (those with or without speech and language delays), educators, parents, grandparents, etc. will learn about typical speech therapy sessions.  Students will learn what is expected of them in a session, will be able to relate to others experiencing problems with their speech and language skills, and therefore will feel more comfortable attending speech class after reading this book.  This well written book provides entertaining and yet informative experiences in Speech Therapy."  - Betsy Mitchell, Special Education Teacher, Yorktown, Virginia

"Your book came today...I love it!  It contains more information about the treatment of communication disorders than I thought it would have, but in a simplistic manner that kids can understand and enjoy.  I especially liked the discussion questions at the back of the book.  This book would greatly benefit regular classroom teachers, special education teachers, and speech-language pathologists who are trying to explain communication disorders and their treatment to elementary school aged children."  - Kalleen Stoddard, M.S. CCC-SLP - SLP and mother of 2, Corvallis, Oregon

"My 3 kids loved Speech Class Rules.  One of them has attended speech class for the past three years and understands the perception that students have of the kids that go to speech class.  I appreciated how Wojcicki explained why kids are in speech class and what they learn while they are there.  This book should be shared with each elementary classroom to make students more aware of what happens when their fellow classmates leave the room to attend speech class.  The illustrations were terrific.  I especially enjoyed the classroom scenes.  Barr made it such an inviting place to be." - Sonita Lucht, Teacher, San Diego, California

"This book is wonderful. After showing it to my sister-in-law who's son had a hearing and speech problem, we just wished it was published 4 years ago." - Maryanne Cohen, Toms River, New Jersey

"I thought that Speech Class Rules was a very informative book about what happens in the speech classroom. It is written in a way that wiil help to alleviate children's fears about being taken out of the class to go for special help.  I especially like the way that Ms. Wojcicki keeps the children on task throughout the story and the suggested questions at the end of the book. I intend to use it with my First Grade Class this school year, and I know that Ms. Wojcicki's book will be a very valuable addition to my class room library."  Dorry Romstedt, First Grade Teacher, Jersey City, NJ

"Not only does this book capture the essence of what a child should expect as they anticipate speech services in school, but it is also an excellent conversation piece for kids who have been in speech for years.   I work in a pedatric rehab facility, and frequently see children who have speech therapy in school also.  They can really relate.  The illustrations are language rich also, and help to expand the discussion.   Well done!" - Dorlas L. Riley MS CCC/SLP, York, PA

"This book should be read to all kindergarten and first grade regular ed classes.  The teachers, as well as the children, would learn what Speech Pathologists actually do.  Finally, a simple, well-written and beautifully illustrated story explaining semantic, syntactic, phonological, pragmatic language and voice disorders.  Thank you." - Sheri Rosenthal, M.A., CCC-SLP
"My six year old grandson, who has had private speech therapy, is very fond of this book.  He reads it often.  Kudos to the author!" - Gayle Cabot, Stockton, NJ

"Thank you for reading your book at our school.  You made reading even more fun than it usually is!  You taught us a lot about speech.  We learned about how different kids need help with different things.  You inspired us to do our best and to write stories.  We hope that you write a million more books and read them all to us!"  - Mrs. Varcoe's Class, Emma Havens Young Elementary

"Thank you for sharing your book with us.  It was very funny!  It was good that you taught the whole class about speech since only a few of us go to speech.  We hope that you write many more books!  Thank you!" - Mrs. Mazza's Class, Drum Point Elementary School

"This is a great book.  I started my school year reading this book to my students.  It really helped them make a connection in understanding why they come to speech class.  Thank you!" - Nellie Gonzalez, Speech-Language Therapist, Lawton Chiles Elementary, Florida

"I bought a copy of your book at Schools Conference in Pittsburgh and wanted to tell you how much I have loved it.  I use it at the beginning of every school year to introduce my program. Both the new and returning students benefit each time.  It's now my standard lesson plan for the first day.  It is also handy when I pick up a student mid-year.  Thanks for creating such a helpful book!"  - Liz, Ohio

"I found out about this book from a colleague and purchased it online.  I have since ordered several copies for my fellow SLPs for Christmas.  It was too good not to share (but I wasn't giving up my copy)!" - Diane, SLP in NYC

"I passed Speech Class Rules around in the teacher's room until every teacher had a clear understanding of school speech services.  I couldn't have explained it better myself - thanks for the help!" - Mary, TX